What Sets Us Apart

Patient-First Dentistry

We are the go-to dentist of St. Louis if you are looking for professionals you can trust and an office that will provide for your every oral-care need. Our comfortable reception room offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. The staff is always happy to see you and available to help you have a smooth dental experience from beginning to end.

We believe our work is very important and you should be given the highest quality of dental care possible with respect to your comfort level.

More than Dental Work

We believe that dental work goes well beyond the teeth and gum lines. We know more now about how different parts of the body affect each other. We want our treatments to be beneficial to whole-body health, and work to encourage healthy dental hygiene habits through education and monitoring our patients’ development throughout each treatment.

Valued Friends

We welcome our patients; we look to the person behind the teeth and interview each new patient to establish a dialogue and friendship. We want to know about each person: what brought him or her to our office, where the person is starting from, and his or her comfort levels. We want to be trusted friends to our patients, because this often generates better results and we genuinely care about each patient. We ask each patient what he or she wants and design each treatment to specifically deliver.

Wide Range of Treatments

We offer a range of care so our patients and their family members can have the best, quality dental treatment work done at our office. By being a general dentistry office rather than a specialist, we are not stuck to any one area. Dr. Thomure and Dr. Esmailzadegan have the years of experience and education in cosmetics, orthodontics, implants, and surgical dentistry to provide for almost any oral healthcare need.

Painless Procedures

Fear of dentistry is common, and dentists sometimes have a bad reputation. We offer gentle and safe dental treatments with common patient fears and anxieties in mind. Dr. Thomure, Dr. Esmailzadegan, and our staff love to surprise such patients with pleasant and relaxing procedures.

If you have a fear of dental procedures, our technique for numbing consistently receives compliments from our patients who say, “I didn’t feel a thing; that was the best I’ve ever had.”

Special Hours

We understand that schedules have become more and more busy over the years, so we offer a wide range of appointment times. This allows our patients to minimize the sacrifices they will need to make in their daily schedules.

We have early-morning hours before most workdays begin, and are available Tuesday and Thursday evenings and early mornings, if needed.

Education at Home

We have an online dental education library, which enables patients to look up information on their treatments with ease in the comfort of their home. Stores of information about dental problems and treatments are available through our website.